Yo! Payments account holders enjoy access to the following advanced features.



Yo! Payments is built on a multi-currency transaction processing platform. This will open an easy channel for reception of payments for your services from various countries as we steadily turn on support for new Mobile Money Transfer service providers.


Internal Transfers


The Internal Transfers feature enables you to cheaply transfer money from your Yo! Payments account to another Yo! Payments account.


API Access


API access enables you to give your customers a richer payment experience. Your customers shall make payments to you without leaving your website. API access also seamlessly enables you to also receive payments for your services via SMS or IVR.


Rich Support


All Yo! Payments account holders have access to an exclusive call centre, with agents ready to take your queries. In addition, email support is available for any questions which are more easily expressed via email, directly from within your Payment Account.


Narrative Attachments


For certain transactions, such as payments to your vendors, you may find it useful to attach copies of payment documentation such as invoices or bills. Yo! Payments enables you to attach a file, to be associated with a transaction.


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