Yo! Payments account holders enjoy access to the following advanced features.

Email Authorization


For extra security, take advantage of Yo! Payments email authorization. Email authorization is a feature which lets you pre-authorize all withdrawal transactions on your account. The way this works is that when a withdrawal transaction is initiated, an authorization request is sent to your email address before the transaction is processed. Yo! Payments allows you to specify more than one email address, enabling you to closely match the signatory structure of bank accounts.

With this feature, you have the option to specify whether the authorization applies to all withdrawal transactions, or only withdrawals or transfers above a certain threshold, per currency balance that you have transacted in before. In addition you may specify different email addresses which are notified depending on the value of the requested transaction.


Administrative Email Authorization


Further to the Email Authorization feature, you have the option to request Yo! Payments staff to permanently add one or more email addresses for authorization purposes.

The advantage of this feature is that even if your account credentials fall into the wrong hands, the attacker shall not be able to remove any administratively added email authorization rules, and thus every withdrawal request they attempt on your account will trigger an email to you, which you can decline.




Yo! Payments offers you the ability to create “sub-accounts” under your account. Consider a situation where you wish to have one person in your organization receive payments from your customers, and another person to generate performance reports. Sub-accounts offers a convenient way for you to provide limited access to the various people to perform their respective roles.


Extensive Access Control


Along with the ability to create sub-accounts comes detailed access control. For each sub-account you create, you are able to specify, in detail


Withdrawal Limits for Sub-Accounts


If, as a regular part of your business, you require your sub-accounts to execute internal transfers or withdrawals (for example if you are a Mobile Money Agent), you shall find the “Withdrawal Limits” feature highly useful. This feature enables you to specify the following detailed limits for each sub-account:

  • Maximum amount per transaction;
  • Maximum cumulative transactions value per hour / per day / per month / per year;
  • Maximum number of transactions per hour / per day / per month / per year;

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