More Reason to Choose Yo! Payments


Sometimes you may have the need to link payment records directly into your organization's internal systems. For example, you might want to be able to import payment data directly into your accounting system as it comes in, to be able to produce on-the-fly purchase reports without having to manually make accounting entries for each payment received.  Achieving this type of direct link requires you to have advanced computer programming skills or to have staff in-house to do the programming.  The good news is that Yo! Payments makes this easy for you, in a way that no other mobile payment provider in Uganda is doing.

We have an ecosystem.  We have a list of computer programmers who are well versed with Yo! Payments and can develop for you ay solution you need in no time. These programmers also have access to direct, premium support from us, should there be any tricky situation they need advice on, while working on your solution.

Yo! Payments is gaining fast adoption among the programming community in Uganda, like no other payment solution.  We already have two programmers who have contributed "code libraries" for Yo! Payments.  These "code libraries" quicken the process of writing applications that use Yo! Payments (for example linking Yo! Payments to your internal accounting software).  The libraries have been generously contributed by the respective programmers free of charge and you can access them at no cost from the following websites: - Contributed by Mr. Philip Munaawa - Contributed by Mr. Ford Arnold